LAT declaration

IMPORTANT: Please read the LEGAL NOTICE available on the LAT Website.

This Website, including the Legal Notice will form part of the binding agreement between You and The Australian Council for Educational Research Ltd (ABN 19 004 398 145) (“ACER”) if You register to take the LAT test.

You should make sure that You understand fully and are familiar with the contents of this Website (including the Legal Notice) before You submit Your registration for LAT.

When You submit Your registration You AGREE:

  1. To the terms and conditions contained on the LAT Website applying to Your sitting of the LAT and all matters consequent thereon;
  2. In the event of the LAT being compromised or having to be cancelled due to circumstances beyond ACER’s control it may be necessary for You to re-sit LAT on a date and at a testing venue to be specified by ACER;
  3. That to sit the LAT You are a bona fide prospective applicant to a course for which LAT is a prerequisite;
  4. You meet the requirements for eligibility set out on the LAT Website;
  5. Not to use or divulge to any third-party information concerning the test questions in LAT for Your own or any third party’s personal or commercial gain;
  6. Not to post or publish any specific part or aspect of the content of LAT. This includes publication on the internet, in any digital format or other format;
  7. The information that You give in Your application for registration for LAT is true and correct. The giving of false or misleading information constitutes misconduct and may jeopardise Your chances of being admitted to any course for which LAT is a prerequisite;
  8. You are the person whose name and address appears on this registration form;
  9. If You choose to sit by remote proctoring, You agree to provide Your Personal Information to a third-party Meazure Learning (ACER’s current provider of remote proctoring), which is based in the United States after having viewed Meazure Learning’s privacy policy and ACER’s LAT Privacy Statement;
  10. You acknowledge and consent to having your Personal Information stored outside of Australia; and
  11. To ACER submitting Your written responses to a plagiarism reviewer, currently Turnitin, for plagiarism including use of Artificial Intelligence checking.