Scheduling your sitting

Once you have completed your LAT registration, you will receive an email with the link and instructions to create an account with ProctorU (if you do not already have one), and schedule your test sitting. You will not be able to sit your test if you do not schedule a sitting with ProctorU.

Session times are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis, and we recommend you schedule your sitting early to ensure it is at a suitable time for you.

The deadline to schedule your sitting with ProctorU is 72 hours prior to the beginning of the test. (Additional charges apply within the 72 hour window, payable by candidates direct to ProctorU).

Please note, scheduling a test session with ProctorU does not provide you with access to the test if you have not also completed a LAT registration through ACER. Your ProctorU session is the test supervision component of your LAT sitting only.

Creating a Meazure Learning ProctorU account

Go to the Meazure Learning (ProctorU) website and select Test-Taker.

On the account creation screen, select Law Admission Test – ACER in the Institution field under Enrollments.

Enter your:

  • name (as it is displayed on your Identification document and in your ACER account)
  • account information (ensure you enter the same email address that you used to create your LAT account)
  • contact details
  • select the correct time zone for your location
  • accept the Meazure Learning (ProctorU) Terms and Conditions (by clicking the checkbox) and complete the reCAPTCHA robot check.
  • click Create Account.


If you have an existing Meazure Learning ProctorU account and previously selected another institution

you can log into your account and add Law Admission Test – ACER to the enrolment in your account setting. To do this:

  • click on the drop-down arrow next to your name (in the top-right hand corner of your ProctorU account home page) and select Account Settings

  • under Enrollments, click Add Enrollment to add an additional institution to your ProctorU account
  • search for Law Admission Test – ACER in the drop-down menu
  • click Update Account.

Scheduling your test session with ProctorU

1. Log into your ProctorU account

You will be prompted to complete the EU citizen/resident information and agree to the Terms and conditions outlined. 

2. Select Schedule New Session on your ProctorU account home page.

3. Select your Institution and exam 

Select Law Admission Test- ACER for the Institution.

Select Law Admission Test 2024 in the Term and Exam.

Then click Find Sessions.

4. Select Scheduling Type

Select Schedule For Later Date and then click Submit (note, On Demand testing is not available for LAT).

5. Select your session time and schedule

Choose your preferred test time in the calendar and then click Submit to find available session times. Note, the date will default to 30 September 2024, as that is the only date available for scheduling.

The available times will appear to the right of the calendar.

Choose Select next to your preferred time slot.

Double check the time and date and then select Schedule to confirm the booking.

When choosing your session time, please allow for approximately 30 minutes to complete the start-up procedures. This is in addition to the time you’ll spend in your test. This is the time it takes to verify your identity, secure your environment and get you into your LAT test. The start-up process does not take any time away from the time you’re allowed to sit your test. Your test time does not start until you’re actually in your LAT test and click the START button to begin.