Practice material

A sample paper is available to provide an indication of the type of questions on the test. The online practice test is available via candidates' LAT accounts. Please note responses in the online practice test are not saved or scored. Candidates are advised to familiarise themselves with the online sample test because LAT is a computer-based written test. Candidates will type their responses in a text box.

The LAT does not require any knowledge specific to law. Therefore the HSC or other Legal Studies courses will neither advantage nor disadvantage candidate performance in the LAT.

ACER and UNSW do not recommend or endorse any commercially available courses offering LAT preparation.

The LAT is designed to assess a candidate’s ability to generate their own ideas and express themselves through writing. Therefore the most appropriate preparation for the LAT is for candidates to continue with their existing high school or tertiary study and exam preparation, which should include practice in formal written expression.

The LAT Office is unable to comment on the relevance or usefulness of commercial preparation courses. It is possible that some commercial preparation courses might provide misleading information or advice to candidates. Neither ACER nor UNSW conduct or endorse LAT preparation courses.