Remote proctoring

Remote proctoring involves sitting your test under live supervision, using your own computer in a suitable location with internet connection. 

A short introduction to remote proctoring

Remote Proctoring is available to all candidates at no additional cost. If you wish to register for a remote proctored sitting, select ‘remote proctoring’ in the registration portal when completing your registration. 

Test preparation tasks 

  1. Register to sit LAT with ACER
  2. Create a Meazure Learning ProctorU account
  3. Download the Meazure Learning Guardian Browser
  4. Complete Technical Readiness checks with Meazure Learning
  5. Download and check the ACER online test application
  6. Schedule your test session with Meazure Learning
  7. Receive Admission Ticket from ACER
  8. Disable or uninstall any remote controlling or screen-sharing software

Test location and equipment

If you choose to register for a remote proctored sitting, it is important that you make sure you are able to sit in a suitable location.

Your test location must:

  • be a private, enclosed space where you will be uninterrupted. This should not be a public space such as school, university or a library, as these locations may have network firewalls which may prevent access to your test. Note the ProctorU equipment test may not detect the network firewalls.
  • be seated at a desk or table, preferably with your back to the main room entrance.
  • have a non-transparent background, walls and desk (you may be asked to cover any glass surfaces or reposition your desk).  

No other person (including dependent children or animals) is permitted in the test room.

You must have the following equipment:

  • have a desktop computer/laptop (with power cord) with only 1 monitor and the Guardian Browser and ACER test application installed. Tablets and phones are not supported.
  • have a webcam and microphone, either built-in to your device or externally connected. Headphones will not be permitted.
  • have a stable internet connection. Hotspots are not supported.

Note, work computers or laptops may prevent the installation or running of the software needed for remote proctoring. It is advised that you sit the test using a personal device connected to your home network.

Remote proctoring services are provided by Meazure Learning (using the ProctorU brand). Please note that Meazure Learning is based in the United States and by electing to sit the test by remote proctoring, you will be required to provide Personal Information to an overseas entity. If you choose to sit the test by remote proctoring you will need to provide your Personal Information to a third party, Meazure Learning (ACER’s current provider of remote proctoring). The Personal Information you provide to Meazure Learning will be stored outside of Australia. Please refer to the privacy statement for further information about how your Personal Information will be collected, stored and used by Meazure Learning.