LAT 2021 results will be released to candidates between mid to late November 2021.  Candidates will be sent an email notification to inform them that their results are available.

Your results statement will provide a single reporting score in the range of 0-100, and a percentile band indicating how you have performed relative to all other candidates who sat the LAT in 2021. There are no pass or fail scores. You can compare your performance to other candidates by finding your percentile rank on the Ogive.

For security purposes, results will not be sent by email or fax, nor will details be given over the phone. This is to protect candidate confidentiality.

Candidates will not be provided with any additional information on the scoring process. All such information remains the property of ACER and UNSW Sydney. A candidate has no right to examination of ACER’s scoring processes and methodologies.

Next steps in your application to UNSW Law

LAT 2021 scores can be used for admission to Undergraduate Law Degree programs (UAC code 426000 and for Music/Law UAC code 426050) at UNSW Sydney in 2022 and 2023.

There is no pass or fail mark for the LAT. UNSW Sydney will consider your LAT results and your academic results (ATAR or equivalent) in the selection process. The ATAR or equivalent will be combined with the LAT result on a sliding scale so that those with a very high ATAR or equivalent require a lower LAT score and those with a lower ATAR or equivalent require a higher LAT score. To be considered for entry to Law at UNSW Sydney in 2022 you must apply via UAC and list UNSW Law & Justice as a preference. Visit:

Please note: If you have not received the results notification email, firstly, check your junk mail folder as the email may have been blocked by your email provider. Please add the LAT email address to your contacts list. Some candidates may have their email addresses recorded incorrectly in ACER's database. If you require the email to be sent again please email your request to the LAT office, and provide your full name, email address and date of birth.

What if I also sat the LAT 2020 and got a higher score?

LAT scores are valid for two years. If you sat the LAT in 2020, and sit again in 2021, UNSW will use your higher LAT score in the selection process.

When you submit your application to UAC, you should use your LAT identification number for the LAT 2021. You will only be able to enter one LAT ID number in the UAC system, regardless of whether you have sat the test twice.

Note: The LAT identification number for the LAT 2021 is a 9-digit number beginning with 2. To access your LAT results and identification number, you can log in to your online candidate account to view your test registration.